Our services

We offer scanning diapositives for best prices all over Ireland. Entrust your diapositives or negatives in our professional hands - we digitize your slides in excelent quality on 3200 DPI. We also offer improvements of your diapositives/negatives on professional software, which offer: automatic dust and scratch removing and also setup optimal level of contrast. We also offer manual removing of dust and scratches from slides. All your diapositives are after digitizing burned on DVD in standard *.jpg format (*.tif if required) in high quality. Than you can simply and comfortably watch your old photos anywhere and anytime on your laptop, PC, DVD player atc. For selection appropriate scanning method we are sending 3 samples of your diapositives to your email scanneddifferent scanning method. So you can see the quality of our professinal work on your slides.

We offer these services:

  • Complete digitizing all your diapositive or negative 35mm slides in maximum quality for best prices in Ireland
  • Improvements on the newest software equipment
  • Manual correction of your slides according to your requirments
  • Maximal flexibility and delivery dates
  • Filling individual customer requirments
  • Sending samples of your diapositives for free
  • Complete backup of all scanned slides on DVD

How to order our services?

  • Via email or telephone you just order digitizing your slides (diapositives or negatives)
  • We will arrange collection from you. You can also send everything on our adress in Ireland.
  • Then we send you via email 3 samples scanned different scanning method, so you can simply choose the best one.
  • We dismantle and assemble all diapositive to obtain maximal quality and obviously
  • we put back all frames in the same order as in the original box.
  • On the end we scan all slides for you by the method you have chosen. Standard time for proccesing your order usually takes 2-3 weeks.
  • We burn all diapositives on CD/DVD in jpg (tif - if required) format for free
  • Once you receive complete order from us:

    We strongly recomend carefully check if all pictures are ok. If there would be any problems please contact us as soon as possible.
    If there is no problem on DVD found, please make immediately copy of this DVD and store this copy on save place. If there would be any problem found, please contact us ASAP, so we will send you a new copy of this DVD. Your order is kept on our hard drive for about 3 months!!!