O Skenovaní Diapozitivů

Would you like to recall your memories from holidays or lough humoured pictures of your kids or maybe get alive humoured stories from old work parties?

You have got great chance to recall your memories and experiences on your DVD player, laptop or PC. We offer scan your diapositives and negatives. This mean transfer your old pictures on 35mm slides to digital pictures burned on DVD. You do not have to watch pictures with your old stereopticon in darkened living room. Instead of useless projection of diapositives on the wall you can comfortably look at you pictures anytime you like and anywhere you wish. You can even take them at work to show your colleages.

Scan diapositives and negatives (classic 35mm slide) for best prices all over Ireland in excelent quality and ersolution 3200 DPI. If your old 35mm diapositive slides are scratched or full of dust, ask for our further services.

Our services Price list Samples of outcomes

Here is list of our services

  • Further corections on professional software
  • Dust and scratch removing for filling up your individual requirments
  • Digitalization of your slides
  • Best prices all over Ireland


We offer high level services to all our customers. Processing usualy takes 1 - 3 weeks. All your diapositives in frames are dismantled and assembled for free.