Price list

All diapositives are scanned in maximum resolution 3200 DPI.

Prices for scanning in 3200 DPI
Scan with auto contrast level and dust removerScan only (no further improvement)
itemsPrice per itemitemsPrice per item
1-100 0,23 Eur1-1000,18 Eur
101-3000,19 Eur101-3000,14 Eur
301-10000,17 Eur301-10000,12 Eur
1001 and more0,14 Eur1001 and more0,1 Eur
    Manual removing of scratches and dust
  • 0,37 Eur per item
    Burning DVD
  • 2 Eur per DVD
  • From 100 diapositives/negatives burning DVD FREE!
  • 10 Eur all over Ireland
  • From 600 items diapositives/negatives - Free shipping to all Ireland!